Ready to get GoldSprints? We'd love to talk! Contact the shop to learn more about how Roller Racing can work for you. Events are available all year around, at any size.


Great Winter Activity

We will set your saddle height, saddle fore/aft, stem length and more to assure a correct bike fit. Allow one hour.


Promote your shop

Use GoldSprints to drive traffic to your shop and promote your brand.


Pushes limits of all riders

Roller Racing isn't easy, and cyclists love that. GoldSprints will provide a challenge for every rider, regardless of skill level.


Promote your local brewery

Team up with a local brewery to grow your audience, promote local businesses, and well, drink beer!


Fun Energetic Atmosphere

The screaming crowd, the vomit buckets, the beer, the bikes - what's not to love about GoldSprints?

How It Works

  • Pick location

  • Pick date

  • Acquire swag

  • Contact us for consultation

  • Equipment, staff, & setup is on us

  • Promote