Jan 8 - Mar 14

Zwift Group Activities

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Zwift Group Activities

Calling all Zwifters! It's cold and gray out there, but we're still riding. For the uninitiated, Zwift is a web-based program that pairs with sensors on your bike or trainer so you can actually enjoy riding indoors. We use it, pros use it, our pros use it, and no matter how fit you are or aren't, there's a whole world of riding opportunity that makes the trainer time enjoyable. We like riding with people, so we've put together some fun things we can do together. If you're interested but not sure what it's all about, give us a call at the shop or swing on by! If you're already on Zwift, you can find us on the events listing, just click in and join!

Group Rides: Mondays 6:30 PM

Does somebody have a case of the Mondays? We’ve got the solution! Instead of plopping down on the couch, get your week going right with a moderate ride with a bunch of friendly folks! Each week we’ll be switching up the route and exploring the various places we can go with Zwift.

Group Workouts: Wednesdays 6:20 PM

Shed some pounds and keep the legs tuned up for spring! Come join the crew from Doylestown Bike Works for our weekly Zwift workout designed to boost power and build endurance so you can roll into spring feeling great. We've got a great group of very supportive riders from around the world that join in every week. And of course the best part is you don't even need to leave home. Everyone’s welcome, come join in on the fun!

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